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The goal of the Assessing Students' Progress on the Energy Concept Using Three-Dimensional Items (ASPECt-3D) project was to develop a set of three-dimensional tasks that measure students ability to use science and engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts along with disciplinary core ideas to explain energy-related phenomena. These tasks present a phenomenon or scenario followed by a series of constructed-response and multiple-choice items that scaffold students sense-making. For some tasks, we developed two versions. One version contains multiple-choice versions of items, and the other contains constructed response versions. Users of the task can select which version they think will be the best option for their purpose. The multiple-choice versions are easier to respond to and score. The constructed-response versions require more time and effort, but can provide a deeper insight into students' ability to construct models, explanations, and arguments.


The goal of the Assessing Students' Progress on the Energy Concept (ASPECt-MC) project was to develop a set of three tests that can be used to diagnose what students in grades 4 through 12 know about energy and to monitor their progress along a learning progression. Support materials are provided to help users interpret students' scores to learn more about what energy ideas students do and do not know and what misconceptions they may have.

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